The commune

History :

His real name was Maildulphus, now Maidulf and distorted Mendulphe in French, to finally reach the French form of St Molf.

It was a holy man who lived in Ireland. The country was occupied by the Scots, a people of robbers who spread terror.
Maidulf was forced to flee and took refuge in England in a neighboring region of Wales.
He founded a monastery in 638, at the time when St Birin had been sent to England by Pope Honorius first. He taught philosophy students.
The town of Malmesbury, whose name probably comes from Maidulf, developed near the Momnastère. Later, there was a splendid abbey high.
It is believed that this holy man had to die to 676 in Winchester city in southern England, which currently has a beautiful statue of Joan of Arc in the Cathedral.
So likelyhood, this region came those who have given to our town called Saint Mendulphe became Saint Molf. Its inhabitants have kept the name Mendulphins.


The town is located in the northwest of Guérandais plateau ends with depressions of Etier Boulay in the West, the etr Etier Pont D’Armes north.

Saint Molf is now a modern town. Walkers will still find the remains of its long history, the Church, Chapel St Germain, mansions (not visitable because private property), fountains, crosses the mill Marchand, the monument to the sculptor Fréour Mothers and the memorial of the last two wars.

The Habitat :

The Saint Molf covers approximately 2,282 hectares.
The Brière cottage, traditional home of the Grande Brière was still widespread in mid-century. Since then, most have been restored and modernized, and we meet in the territory of the municipality of beautiful house covered with a thatched roof with rounded dormers. However, in general, slate replaced thatch and new homes Breton type spur with fireplace, with 45 ° roof slate, white walls, wooden shutters if plastic.

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